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Date: 12/1/18
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: PAX
Format: 300pt Modern Age
Number of Players: 116

1st Place – Tylor Spees
(Monster Theme +8)
90 Mini Shredder
50 Giganto and Namor
50 Giganto and Namor
25 Surtur
20 Groot
20 Groot
10 Carnage
10 Carnage
24 ID Cards:
-Harley Quinn
-Professor X
-Cyclops (student)
-Jean Grey (student)
-Chamber (student)
Sideline: XXS052 Cyclops, XXS037b Professor X, XXS065 Jean Grey, Chamber, HQGG049 Harley Quinn, XXS053 Wolverine
Troubalerts: Firestorm, Wonder Woman, Flash
Maps: Sporting Arena, WK Office, Underground Caverns

2nd Place – Easton Brock
(Gotham City Theme +5)
80 Green Arrow (chase)
70 Batgirl, Shadow of the Bat
50 HAHA Joker
40 The Penguin
25 The Penguin (ff)
8 Pym Pocket Tank
5 Deadpool’s Merc Jet Terrain Dial
5 Location Bonus (Iceberg Lounge)
21 ID Cards:
-Wolverine (Bounty)
-Cyclops (Student)
-Professor X
-Jean Grey (Student)
Sideline: XXS053 Wolverine, XXS052 Cyclops, XXS037b Professor X, XXS037a Professor X, XXS065 Jean Grey, Pym Particle Tank
Troubalert: Wonder Woman, Firestorm, Firestorm
Maps: Iceberg Lounge

3rd Place – Lane Miller
(Cosmic Theme +3)
165 Uni-Mind + 3 Forged In Flame
75 Lockjaw
20 Groot
5 Suited Henchman
5 Suited Henchman
6 Symbiote
5 Invisible Plane Terrain Dial
19 ID Cards:
-Wolverine (Faculty)
-Storm (Bounty)
-Jean Grey (Student)
-Cyclops (Student)
Sideline: SWBW007b Thanos, AI048 Starfox, AIG018 Thanos, XXS052 Cyclops, XX063 Cyclops, XXS065 Jean Grey, XXS053 Wolverine, XXS041 Chamber, M17-11 Storm
Troubalert: Firestorm
Maps: Ultimate Sacrifice, Wakanda, Ha-Ha Hacienda]]>
Heroclix Sun, 09 Dec 2018 13:49:12 +0000
Asunto: 2ª Presentacion Battleworld Sábado 8/12/2018 - por: raulmartos http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32505&Itemid=80#32505 http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32505&Itemid=80#32505 Equipos a 300 puntos.

Hasta 5 jugadores 1 Hulka de premio.
De 6 a 10 jugadores 2 Hulkas (Una para ganador y otra sorteo).

Heroclix Fri, 30 Nov 2018 12:53:08 +0000
Asunto: TORNEO BATTLEWORLD VIERNES 30 - por: art mooney http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32493&Itemid=80#32493 http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32493&Itemid=80#32493
Se puede jugar más de un equipo especificando cuales se usarán en cada ronda antes de la 1ª

Lo he puesto a 400 a sugerencia de Miguel, si quereis probar cafradas lo podemos cambiar a 500

Link al WIN: win.wizkids.com/event.php?EVENT_ID=249580]]>
Heroclix Mon, 26 Nov 2018 11:46:02 +0000
Asunto: Propuesta EVENTO SIEMPRE VENGADORES - por: cocobcn http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32486&Itemid=80#32486 http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32486&Itemid=80#32486
Formato Modern Marvel con las siguiente restricciones:

Sólo pueden jugarse miniaturas con las siguientes KEYWORDS impresos:

Avengers, Dark Avengers, Great Lakes Avengers, Pet Avengers, Thunderbolts y Young Avengers

Se añaden también ID Cards y las ATAs relacionadas con los keywords

No se pueden repetir figuras (que no personajes) en el equipo salvo genéricos.

No se pueden repetir figuras (que no personajes), ni IDs ni ATAs que se hayan jugado en jornadas anteriores.
Ni siquiera si se han jugado en el sideline (con IDCards)

Mapas permitidos: Cualquier mapa Marvel Modern

Jornada 1: 300 puntos.
Jornada 2: 400 puntos.
Jornada 3: 500 puntos.

Los 3 mejor clasificados de la liga conseguirán premios y ademas 1 sorteo para el resto.
Los premios podrian ser Figuras Chase/SR, Boosters, Packs Dice&Tokens, Fast Forces, Comic Siempre Vengadores...

Torneo 1: Victoria 3pts. / Derrota 1pt.
Torneo 2: Victoria 5pts. / Derrota 2pts.
Torneo 3: Victoria 7pts. / Derrota 3pts.

Al final de la jornada 3, el ganador del evento será quién más puntos tenga. En caso de empate se desempatará con las puntuaciones totales de las miniaturas matadas en las rondas.

Sugerencia de inscripcion: 10 EUR

Que os parece?

La idea es jugar una jornada mensual (sabado), empezando en Diciembre o Enero

Gracias por vuestros comentarios]]>
Heroclix Sat, 24 Nov 2018 18:33:37 +0000
Asunto: ¿Habemus regional? - por: Vampire http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32477&Itemid=80#32477 http://www.temploytorre.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=10&id=32477&Itemid=80#32477


Entry Fee: $30 for Sealed OR $10 for Constructed

Format: 300-Point Sealed OR 300-Point Modern Age Constructed

Pairing Structure: Multiple Swiss Rounds followed by a Single-Elimination Top Cut

Prize Structure* (All prizing is cumulative):

Marvel HeroClix: Rogue Prize Figure
Top 2
Marvel Heroclix: Gladiator Prize Figure
Top 4
Marvel Heroclix: Hussar Prize Figure
Top 8
Marvel Heroclix: Manta Prize Figure
Marvel Heroclix Exospex Special Object
National Championship Qualifications
The winner of the event earns a 2018-2019 HeroClix National Championship Qualification. If the winner of the event already earned a 2018-2019 HeroClix National Championship Qualification in the country in which the event is being held, the qualification passes down to the highest ranked player who does not already have a qualification from an event held in the same country.

*You may only charge an Entry Fee if local laws allow.

**If you run a Sealed event, you will need 2 HeroClix Booster Packs per player in your event. All HeroClix Booster Packs used for Sealed must be from the same set.

***WizKids reserves the right to change prizing at their discretion.

****Participation Prizes will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis


Recommended Entry Fee*: $15 USD

Pairing Structure: 4 Player Free-For-All

Format: Sealed Draft, No Point Limit, and 3 Action limit – Each player will receive (1) HeroClix Booster Pack. When instructed, all players will open their packs and confirm the contents. Once all players have opened their packs and confirmed their contents, each player chooses one game element from their pack (and associated cards/etc.) and then passes the remaining contents to the player on their left. This continues until all game elements have been drafted from the packs or each player has 5 game elements drafted.

Prizing Structure ** All Booster Contents are placed in center of map to create a prize pool. A random 2018-2019 Battle Royale Prize Figure from the list below and one Proxima Midnight Spear Special Object are added to the prize pool. All players snake draft from the prize pool in order of placement in the Battle Royale.

Marvel HeroClix Gladiator Prize Figure
Marvel HeroClix Hussar Prize Figure
Marvel HeroClix Manta Prize Figure

¿Vamos a tener algo de esto? ]]>
Heroclix Wed, 14 Nov 2018 08:39:30 +0000